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Heavy Duty Conveyor Belt suppliers

PVG Solid woven conveyor belt
PVC, PVG conveyor belt is mainly applicable for the underground well haulage of coal mines, and also the conveyance of materials for metallurgical and chemical industries. The whole core fire-retardant conveyer belt is divided into two types: PVC, PVG
Technical parameter
Type and technical parameter of PVC conveyer belt:
Standard MT914-2008Safety factor 10(Breaking strength*1/10)
The Slope <16°C
Standard typeDegreeBreaking strength≥,N/mmTensile yield≥,%Advising Mindiameter of Transmission Drum
Type and technical parameter of PVG conveyor belt:
Standard MT914-2008 BS3289 HG2805Safety factor 10(Breaking strength*1/10)
Standard typeDegreeThe slope <20°C
Breaking strength≥,N/mmTensile yield≥,%Recommend minimum roller diameter
Main Technical Data for PVC/PVG Conveyor Belt
Belt Mark456789101112
Belt Type680S800S1000S1250S1400S1600S1800S2000S2240S
The Minimum Thickness of Belt≥(mm)
The Thickness of Top and Bottom Rubber Cover(mm)PVC0.
Tensile Strength≥(N/mm)Longitudinal6808001000125014001600180020002240
Elongation at BreakLongitudinal15
Rip Strengh≥(N)10901180118015401540
Weight Reference≥(kg/m2)11.2121415.516.5
Width(mm)650 800 1000 1200 1400
Length Per Roll100 200
Flame Retardant & Anti-static Solid Woven Conveyor Belt PVC PVG conveyor belt
Anti-static Solid Woven Conveyor Belt
PVG Type conveyor belt:
This conveyor belt is applicable in all areas, especially areas with high impact conditions and low maintenance requirements,such as coal mining,power plant,chemical factory,metallurgy industry,etc.
Entire core flame retardant belt conveyor belt can be divided into PVC type and PVG type.

Non pressedPVC type
After dipping with PVC paste on the solid woven fabric, add PVC cover on the solid carcass to form the belt.

PVG type
Based on the non pressed PVC type, the carcass is covered with top and bottom covers composed mainly of rubber. The belt is then formed after being pressed.

Both of the top and bottom covering layer of PVC conveyor belt is PVC plastic cover, single cover thickness≥ 1mm, Both of the top and bottom covering layer of PVG conveyor belt is the mixture of nitrile rubber and PVC, single cover thickness is 1.5mm-4.5mm.
The angle of conveying for PVC conveyor belt is <16 °, and for PVG conveyor belt is <20 °, both of PVC and PVG type can be used in coal mine transportations underground or on the ground.
Production Equipment for Flame Retardant & Anti-static Solid Woven Conveyor Belt
Test Equipments for Flame Retardant & Anti-static Solid Woven Conveyor Belt
Bone materials with high tensile strength
The solid woven belt use various high tensile strength chemical fibers and a yard wide cotton yarn as bone materials, and apply the advanced textile structures of France Depreux. The special multiple tiers integrate with each other so as to reach tensile strength and weft&warp tear resistance,light carcass weight,and save the power energy for transportation.

Advanced soakage technology
The unique solid woven belt soakage technology can make PVC paste soak well. Thus,the paste and solid woven fabric become the all and the one,which ensures the belts impact resistance property.

Cover rubber with excellent properties
The special cover rubber of PVG solid woven belt has excellent properties,which represent at excellent physical properties on the basis of ensuring the safety propeties. Thus,the cover rubber can give the carcass first-rank protection.

Excellent flame resistant property
The excellent flame resistance property of PVG solid woven belt can ensure that it can use safely underground coal mines.
Q1: What types of Conveyor Belt you can Produce?
A: Hello,Dear We can produce Sidewall,Flat,Chevron,Steel Cord Conveyor Belt,Heat Resistant, Oil Resistant,Acid-Alkali Resistant Cold Resistant and PIPE Conveyor Belt etc.
Q2:Does your Company have ISO Certificate?
A: Yes of course we have ISO9001:2008 Certificate.
Q3:Can you Provide FORM E Certificate of Origin for us?
A: Yes we can do Normal CO,FROM E,FROM F,FORM A etc.
Q4:What is your Delivery Time?
A:Normally Within 15-20 days after getting your Pre payment or L/C. Specific depends on the quantity.
Q5:Can you give Guarantee if I buy your belt?
A:Of course,we must give Guarantee certificate for all of our Products, Please tell me your Details of RequirementHeavy Duty Conveyor Belt suppliers

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